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About Us

From the sandy fields of Big Lake, Windy River raises naturally grown vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for weekly produce share (CSA) baskets. It is a one woman operation with a farmer completely committed to improving the produce options of the local community. Tamara spent her early years on her grandma’s 200 acre sweet corn and produce farm until growing and selling produce was no longer a desire but a need. She found land to rent in 2008 and started at the Monticello Farmers Market in 2009 and with CSA shares in 2010. The Hansons moved to a new small farm in September 2015 and have been planting fruit trees, bushes and other perennials to augment the veggies for the CSA program on this new soil.

Crops are grown naturally and no chemicals or broad spectrum pesticides are used. Windy River actively fights GMOs. Many heirloom varieties are grown for superior flavor. Seed saving is done and some of the varieties are unique to Windy River.

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