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Eating Locally Grown

We work very hard at extending the season for each crop and growing as many different things as possible. A CSA share really forces seasonal eating and gives you the challenge of conforming your weekly menu to the food available rather than seek out the food items you want to cook. Unlike market customers you will never miss out on a short season crop. It is important to understand that when a crop is producing you want to take advantage of it as long as you can. You may really miss homegrown heirloom tomatoes and melons in winter and wish you had eaten more when you had the chance. Also it is often necessary to alter recipes that call for items that are different seasons, even though you may be used to buying them all year at the supermarket. When you eat produce truly in season you can really taste the difference!

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We push the season as far as we can and grow a very wide array of crops! We also augment the CSA shares with baked, dried, canned and frozen items.

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Crops Expected Per Month
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