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Crystal Salt

For Foodies

At WREF we love Foodies! We have an amazing selection of produce and some of the best tasting varieties available. It is something we value very highly. For instance, this year we planted 48 varieties of garlic. We have trialed more than 200 varieties of tomatoes. We always grow an array of colorful potatoes, carrots, and peppers.

Why eat the same old boring selections available at the grocery store when you can get the diversity we have? It's healthier and makes your meals amazing without more effort.

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Available in 2024 as choices in your shares: assorted herbs, Shishito peppers, garlic scapes, fennel, celery root, radicchio, butter lettuce, microgreens, charentais melons, fingerling potatoes, rainbow carrots, Chioggia beets, tri-color beets, Dragon's Tongue beans, napa cabbage, savoy cabbage, leeks, shallots, Torpedo onions, baby bok choy, arugula, Hakurei turnips, red stemmed turnips, French Breakfast radish, baby ginger, and more.

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