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Making the Decision to Join the CSA

Are you contemplating joining the CSA but just not completely sure? Here are some things to think about. 

  • The cost of the CSA replaces part of your normal food budget. During the summer and fall, I generally only buy mushrooms, bananas and lemons at the store produce department.

  • CSA shares are much more supportive of a farm than buying at the farmers market. I only sell by CSA because I have no time to invest in selling what I grow when I'm so busy growing it.

  • There is no comparison between fresh local produce and what is at the store. Your family will be surprised how delicious the items really are. I choose the very best varieties for taste. You won't believe, for instance, how tasty a homegrown honeydew melon is!

  • If you are not a very good cook don't worry! When you use fresh produce you only have to do something very simple to prepare it and it is delicious!

  • You will love the choices each week. Don't worry about if there will be enough things you like. Generally it is much harder for members to narrow down what they want to take. For a list of last year's share choices go 

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